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The TM.I.P. "Production" section operates in the design and construction of plants for the production of chemicals compounds (adhesives, glue woodboard, resins PU and PVC for coating process, wood derivatives like tannin, fruits extract like pectins, etc) and for mixing processes used in the industries:


  Chemical industry & auxiliary chemicals Pharmaceutical industry Textile industry, synthetic leather production and other coated or impregnated products

Lubricants blending

Adhesive tapes production and protective film Printing (rotogravure and flexo) - painting industry Resins production Oil&Gas and petrochemical
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Plants For Production

 Plants for preparation of polyurethane paste or PVC paste PPP
 Plants for preparation of adhesive paste ADP
 Production plants for tannery or textile auxiliary chemical

 Complete plants for resin production:

 (Polyester, alchyd, amino, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane)

Complete plant for formaldehyde production and other:

(glue/resins for wood industry) and Urea formaldehyde

Mixing units and complete automated mixing plants
 Batch plants for produciton of chemicals


TM.I.P. desings and builds:

  • "Turnkey" plants for batch or continuous production of chemicals products
  • Reactors - vacuum and pressure mixers
  • Plants for the production of chemical products