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Thermal oxidation

Typical stream to be treated are air/flue gas/gaseous or liquids contaminated by hydrocarbons, solvents, inorganic compounds dowstream processes of production / treatment.

This kind of system can be:

  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Recuperative thermal oxidizers
  • Regenerative thermal oxidizers
  • Catalytic thermal oxidizers

The type of plant is chosen based on the type of pollutant to be treated, its concentration and quantity.

TM.I.P. provides thermal oxidizers capable of working to more than 1200 °C, with heat recovery (steam, hot water or thermal oil, etc.) and flue gas treatment (dry or wet) to remove the pollutants residues.

TM.I.P. also provides plants to treat sewage sludge coming from industrial and civil waste water treatment plants, with two main purpose:

  • Reduce the amount of sludge produced through thermal drying;
  • Energy recovery through thermal oxidation of sludge (heat or energy).
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