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TM.I.P. designs and constructs:

  • Batch and continuous "turnkey" plants for the production of chemicals compounds
  • Reactor - under vacuum or in pressure complete with mixing system
  • Complete plants for the chemical compounds production
  • Resins production systems:

    • brominated resins
    • PE unsaturated
    • PE saturated
    • epoxy
    • acrylic
    • phenolic
    • alkyd
    • vinyl esters

TM.I.P. can supply the basic and detailed engineering for the whole production plant and the formulations of several type of resins in order to guarantee to the client the quality and the characteristics of the final product.

Special Mixer
TM.I.P. produces dissolvers for adhesive pastes with a capacity from 2000 to 7500 liters. The unit is equipped with a submerged rolling mill, capable to perform the complete and homogeneous dissolution of the rubber in the solvent within four hours. A pneumatic transport system allows the feeding of the grinded rubber directly into the dissolver. The solvent is pumped through a meter counter in order to determine the right volume in the formulation. Alternatively the dissolver can be installed on load cells. After the dissolution, the adhesive is quickly discharged, by means of volumetric pump into the storage tank.

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