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The "Environmental Protection" section operates on the design and construction of plants for the recovery of chemicals (solvents, light and heavy hydrocarbons, etc) and for the treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents from industries like:


  Chemical industry & auxiliary chemicals Pharmaceutical industry Textile industry, synthetic leather production and other coated or impregnated products Lubricants blending Adhesive tapes production and protective film Printing (rotogravure and flexo) - painting industry Resins production Oil&Gas and petrochemical
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Plants for Environmental Protection


SC    Washing towers and scrubbers
   Thermal oxidizers regenerative & recuperative
   Catalytic oxidizers
CC    Cryogenic condensation plants
AC    Adsorption plants by activated carbon

 Recovery plants of organic and non-organic compounds

 (solvents - plasticizers recovery)

FG    Flare gas recovery system and vapour recovery unit
ST    Stripping towers (BTEX removal, ammonia stripping)
WI    Combustion plants for liquid waste, sludge and solid complete with steam/thermal oil and/or electricity production and flue gas treament (wet and dry systems)
DI    Distilliation plants for solvents recovery from solvent mixture or solvent solution


The compound chemicals are recovered by distillation, adsorption and absorption. The recovered product can be reused directly in production, therefore their installation is highly profitable.
Where selective recovery systems are not possible due to economically or feasibility reasons, thermal oxidation plants can be installed. For the thermal oxidation plants (regenerative, recuperative and catalytic) can be also equipped with a heat recovery system (steam, thermal oil or hot water).
The company has complete know-how in waste gas treatment system (dry or wet system, catalytic DeNOx reduction).